Podcast Series, 3rd Episode: Tapas, Bralettes, Barcelona and Sex

Welcome to our Soul and the City Podcast Series! The WEPodcast is a community podcast which endeavours to debunk city lifestyle stereotypes, make artistic strolls with fun, one city at a time, but more importantly absorb, dissect, reflect and empower socially aware international dialogue, together with local wordsmiths, event organizers, witty artists and art enthusiasts.
This is the 3rd episode of our podcast series:
Tapas, Bralettes, Barcelona and Sex
01:00: Introducing the podcast and the guests
05:25: Introducing Barcelona (historical, architectural and musical flavours)
07:35: The main themes of the podcast
08:30: The demographics of Barcelona
10:16: Social problematics in Barcelona with emphasis on sexism and sexualisation
15:22: Possible causes
18:50 The LGBTQ+ community
20:58 “Anything else” (Kelly)
24:37 Escúchame (Luke)
29:14 Corona and the artistic community
31:17 Comedy versus poetry
39:10 The language barrier
42:34 Hector and the cool things of Barcelona
44:10 Barcelona events vs. European events
48:15 International communities: Barcelona vs. elsewhere
48:35 ….about those bralettes (Soar)
51:43 Sexism and sexualisation in dance (Bachata)
56:00 Bachata, Salsa, kizomba in Barcelona
58:00 Integration in Barcelona
1:01:23 The collaboration spirit of Barcelona
1:04:05 The coolest places and things to do in Barcelona
01:15:00 Outro and thanks to Luke, Kelly, Kriste, Makis and Hector

With many thanks to: @luke, @kelly, @kriste, @makis, @hector, @daniel, @soar.
———- (c) A production by Soul and the City, 2022. SaC is an international undertaking aiming to explore, stimulate and promote socially engaged multicultural dialogues through artistic, educational and entertaining projects worldwide. Music track credits: pixabay.

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