Podcast Series, 4th Episode: Reykjavík And All That Fuss About Iceland

Welcome to our Soul and the City Podcast Series! The WEPodcast is a community podcast which endeavours to debunk city lifestyle stereotypes, make artistic strolls with fun, one city at a time, but more importantly absorb, dissect, reflect and empower socially aware international dialogue, together with local wordsmiths, event organizers, witty artists and art enthusiasts.
This is the 4rd episode of our podcast series:


01:00: Introducing the podcast and the guests
03:31: On Reykjavik and its cultural heritage
05:41: Reykjavik: contradictions and demographics
08:07: Biases and the divide between Reykjavik and the rest of Iceland, opportunities, mentalities, endeavours (Harpa)
12:50: The shift to the countryside
13:50: Reykjavik and the cultural monopole
15:35: The language vessel/barrier (Asgeir)
22:20: Berlin vs. Reykjavik: cultural/artistic differences (Jon)
25:49: Hermetism and openness in the Icelandic culture
28:40: The awesomeness of Reykjavik through light and darkness (Beatur)
29:24: The law of Jante
39:20: Energies and the community
42:00: Please and thank you in Iceland
45:30: Coolest events and things in Reykjavik
51:59: Events and personal projects
59:02: The place to be in Reykjavik
With many thanks to: @harpa, @jon, @asgeir, @beatur, @daniel, @soar.
———- (c) A production by Soul and the City, 2022. SaC is an international undertaking aiming to explore, stimulate and promote socially engaged multicultural dialogues through artistic, educational and entertaining projects worldwide.

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