The Spoken Word Anthology

An international anthology of contemporary poetry, spoken word and short stories curated and published by (c)Soul and the City. Continue reading

The Spoken Word Anthology is a unique project of contemporary poetry, short stories, story poems and spoken word, where 6 continents, 30 different countries, 135.000 characters and 22.500 feelings are manifested with the purpose of keeping the artistic communities interconnected, intertwined, reinforced and united in their diversity and singularity. The result is mindblowing and enriching, not only linguistically, but also individually and socially, bringing new dimensions of wordwide resonnance and representation.

Soul and the City is an international undertaking, encompassing different artistic, educational and entertaining projects, meant to explore, stimulate, promote and empower socially engaged and politically conscious multicultural dialogues.

The Spoken Word Anthology

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