Throwback @Babylon 2022: The Event of Many Tongues and Cultures and its unique atmosphere
Starting the 2023 cultural year rightly: the incredible atmosphere @BABYLON- The event of Many Tongues and Cultures, Feb. 14th 2023
When your roots, the fil rouge running through your being, take you beyond your limits and celebrate with you intrepid discoveries…@Babylon, Feb. 14th 2023
Podcast Series, 4th Episode: Reykjavík And All That Fuss About Iceland
Podcast Series, 3rd Episode: Tapas, Bralettes, Barcelona and Sex
Podcast Series, 2nd Episode: Bridges, Stags, Liberties and Biases: The Oxymoron of Amsterdam – Autumn Edition
This is the 2nd episode of our podcast series: Bridges, Stags, Liberties and Biases: The Oxymoron of Amsterdam – Autumn Edition
The SaC Mission Statement
This is who we are in 30 countries.
Podcast Series, 1st Episode: Foreign, Black, Dumplings and Prague – Summer Edition
We are debuting with our first episode of the podcast series: Foreign, Black, Dumplings and Prague - Summer Edition
Crista for Soul and the City: Artist Interview
Teaser Soul-and-the-City Project
Beyond Words and Performances
Exclusive LP of poems, spoken word and story poems in pristine, transparent look
What’s your love flavour? Watch for the heartbeats.
U Berlin
Here some excerpts from my short play for the Re-imagining Series, called " Berlin". Thank you to all the beautiful people involved and especially to the warm public! Soar #soar, #soaringwords, #berlin, #artisticevent, #reimaginingseries, #noizefabrik, #berlinevent, #people, #life, #hope.
Distance – a story poem
Same heart. More love. Undoubted hope. Selected for final screening at the Film Poetry Festival and the International Poetry Festival, 2017-2018.
Re-imagining race/ re-imagining us
We need to re-imagine ourselves and the world around us every time social construction and constrictions are set to diminish our hopes and scar our souls. This is my message, or rather what I believe we need to become one. Many thanks to all the beautiful people who helped in the making of my vision! One love, Soar #re-imaginingrace, #reimaginingseries, #noizefabrik, #berlinevent, #soar, #soaringwords, #poetry, #storytelling, #awareness, #culture, #understanding, #dialogue, #equity, #readiness, #togetherness, #listening, #experiences, #information, #openness, #oneness, #hope, #love.
Colours of Life – Print and e-book edition with bonus audio links
Soar’s work as a study subject in a university final thesis
Interview by Lana Mazibrada on Soar and her upcoming book "Soul Diary" (Italian edition) Universit degli Studi di Roma Tre Italy, 2017.
Mirrors – poem performance, Berlin Spoken Word, April 2017.
Interview for Colaboradio Berlin (88.4 Mhz)
This is a part of the interview taken during the WordBank Show at Colaboradio, Berlin (88.4 MhH, Berlin). With many thanks to the host for the initiative and the nice atmosphere!
Indigo and Life
An allegorical story about values, written and recited by Soar. A Poetry-in-Motion Project, 2017. (c)
Soars 2016 in a nutshell – Counter-arguments to a bad 2016
IMPORTANT NOTICE: contents purposely imbued with fun and ironic notes:) Enjoy :) Soar (c) #soar, #soaringwords, #people, #life, #passion, #joy, #fun, #2016inanutshell, #2017, #newyearsresulution.
Poetical thought
Sea thought
Violet and Life – A Poetry-in-Motion Story
“On People, Life and Passion” – Making Of
“On People, Life and Passion” – Author EPK
Empire State of Love – a Poem in Motion
Yours, poetically – Book Teaser
Poetry and Beautiful People of the World
“Fire” Prologue, “Into Earth, Wind and Fire”, 2011
Prologue Mediabook “In the Palms of Space and Time”, 2012
Soar Trailer