In the Palms of Space and Time

After her d?buting ?passionate description of love and emotions with an aesthetic flavour?, Into Earth, Wind and Fire, Soar continues her quest of ?grasping today in search of tomorrows? with a second chapter of poetical thinking dedicated to time and space, the four-dimensional continuum of the universe, regent over life and humans.

Through metaphors, symbols and parallel vistas, the author questions the possibility of placing love as a fifth dimension in the blending harmony of the dictating forces measuring our pace of life. Thus, time and space are envisaged with a new perspective, through the mirror of love and its core of passion, with its own ?measuring? conventions in order to eventually give a different value to life, spanning from a newborn cry to the wrinkles of senectitude.

A less-personal, ?from-inside-out? approach but a strong, general, ?from-outside-in? appeal to introspection and consideration, in the pursuit of harmony, true values and bliss.

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