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Since 2018, Soul and the City has been a platform of interaction, exploration and multicultural dialogue via its live and online events where wordsmiths, language aficionados and art admirers join in the palpable experience. The Love, Sweat and Laughter live event is a regular unmatched undertaking by a collective of international artists aiming to bring together different forms of art like poetry, story telling, rap poetry, dance, comedy, spoken word and music on the same stage in a witty and joyful atmosphere. After its unparallel sucess in less than a year, other events celebrating roots, diversity, inclusion, transformation, growth, (r)evolution and human beauty ensued, such as: Babylon: The Event of Many Tongues and Cultures, The Fellowship of Soul: Soul meets Art, Love and Politics, SpeakEasy: The Event of Prohibited Awesomenes, Inception: Worlds Within Worlds, The Big Berlin: Best of Berlin’s Artists and Arts. The All I Want- The Coolest Night of Arts is a yearly event which transcribes words and their purport into real actions and facts. Beyond words and performances we managed to assure a water pump for 250 families in a disadvantage village, vaccines, emergency kits, study materials, food, micronutrients, water and other aids to children and their families in need. Join us in this beautiful cause. Our artistic events are presented via our Facebook page under:Events or at the following link Cultural/Artistic Events.

Check out our GoogleCalendar and join for updates:
Soul and the City Calendar of Events 2022

This is a non-profit project that relies substantially on donations. Any support and donations are welcome via PayPal: or via our Contact page.

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