Weather it is about creative writing, academic structuring, specific lingoes and industry jargons, we have the professional skills to offer tutoring, coaching or a combination of both strategies to individuals, small groups or institutions meant to help their students improve alongside their own study units.

Creative writing coaching

Coaching is the ability to work on efficient strategies in order to overcome blockages and barriers and to gain the right confidence in one’s inner voice and the expression thereof. Creative writing is the best channel to stimulate, hone and enhance dormant intrinsic skills towards self-determination, positive choices and self-empowerment. Guided by international trained artists, the creative workshops are led in stimulating indoor or outdoor environments, and focus on writing and performance techniques and approaches in a pleasant and interactive manner. All participating students will have a chance to perform their own pieces to one of our international events alongside established performers, such as published spoken word artists and acclaimed storytellers.
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Language tutoring

Tutoring is aimed at building and developing concrete skills for immediate academic needs. Our native speaking tutors are professionals focusing on a student’s field of work or their general interests in the target language or country. The student’s learning interests are stimulated through a pleasant and agreeable approach towards the subject matter with the support of a variety of teaching tools (CDs, course units and language books, audio or video cassettes, and so forth) combined with grammar, reading and listening comprehension exercises and conversational practice.
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