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Enhancing the individual. Replenishing communities. Endowing cities.
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Our online podcast is part of the manifold projects led by Soul and the City. At SaC, we aim to explore, stimulate, empower and promote socially engaged multicultural dialogues through different projects and undertakings. The WE Podcast is dedicated to bringing together, each guest at a time, each country at a time, each community pillar at a time, different cultures, communities and art scenes in an eclectic intertwining of discoveries, endeavours and growth. From the coolest insights and tips on the local tapas bars to the best events, projects and communities, we absorb, deconstruct, digest, exhale and emanate art and social initiatives in each corner of the world. Our latest podcasts can be found here WEPodcast. Enjoy!

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Soul and the City Calendar of Events 2022

This is a non-profit project that relies substantially on donations. Any support and donations are welcome via PayPal: or via our Contact page.

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